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Who is Candy Godiva?

Candy Godiva is a popular professional American YouTuber. She creatively launched into the world, expressing her pleasure to eat on camera. Within a short time, she gained a large number of subscribers and broke into the limelight.

Candy Godiva was born on the 18th of September, 1972, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States of America (USA). She lived at some point in Las Vegas.

Candy Godiva at a Glance

Name Candy Godiva
Born September 1972
FatherNot known
SiblingsNot known
ChildrenNot known
age47 years old
City Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Country United States of America
Profession YouTuber
Height155 cm (5 feet 1 inch)
Weight204 kg
Eye colourdark brown
Hair colourdark brown
YouTube Channel Hungry Fatchick
SchoolNot known
UniversityNot known
Marital StatusSingle
BoyfriendNikocado Avocado
Net worth5 million
Instagram2.7k followers
Youtube231k subs (Dec 2021)

Why is She Popular?

Candy Godiva became popular with her YouTube Channel created on the 6th of December  2010. She currently has over 231,000 subscribers, as well as over 28 million views!

Candy Godiva’s lifestyle

Candy Godiva best describes what she does on her YouTube channel in clear words. She wrote, “this is an eating channel, not a weight loss channel, get it straight.” Candy dedicates her time to do mukbangs, and some vlogging.

From her words about her channel, it’s obvious she eats a lot! Her shape, size, height, and weight confirms this.

Obviously, she rocks parties, eats out, and enjoys life hanging out with people in different places.

Candy Godiva’s Networth

Candy Godiva gains on a monthly basis, a salary of $4,300. In a year, she makes up to $51,300. Her current net worth stands at $5,000, 000.

Salary $4,300
Passive $51,300
Net Worth $5,000, 000

About Hungry Fatchick

Hungry Fatchick is the name of Candy Godiva’s YouTube channel which she started on the 6th of December, 2010. She puts out mukbangs via the channel.

What are mukbangs? From two words “mukja” and “bang-song” came the word Mukbang. Both words mean “eating” and “broadcast” respectively. Mukbang means “eating broadcast.”

Hungry Fatchick is where Candy Godiva creates awareness, uploads her mukbang videos, and realizes her profit.

Candy wrote in her youtube intro, “Eating on camera is something I enjoy doing, so this channel will be devoted to mukbangs, and some vlogging. I make a lot of noise when I eat, a lot of loud mm’ing satisfied foodie sounds, that are quite natural, and normal for me, if you feel like you will have a problem with that, I’d advise you not to watch my videos or watch with headphones, please.”

Social Media Networks & YouTube Popularity

Candy Godiva uploaded her best video titled “Jollibee Mukbang Eating Show” on 15th October 2017. With 2.3 million views, the video topped as her best.

Nikocado Avocado was featured in one of her videos (Indian Food – Butter Chicken with Nikocado Avocado Mukbang)  in May 2017. She’s a co-YouTuber whose channel has up to 1.87 million subscribers.

Her second-best video, “Massive Italian Feast Mukbang” which she uploaded on the 4th of May, 2019, had over 2.1 million views.

About the same time in May 2019, Candy Godiva caught an infection and was hospitalized. She promised to get well quickly. She updated her concerned fans via her Twitter page, tweeting that she believes that whatever does not kill one, can only make one stronger.

Now with over 175,000 subscribers, Candy Godiva eventually became rich by accumulating wealth through videos, advertisements, and sponsors she makes on her YouTube Channel.

On Instagram, Candy Godiva currently has  1800+ followers. On Twitter, she has 6800+ followers.

What is Candy Godiva Horoscope Sign?

Godiva has Virgo as her astrological (Zodiac) sign, while the rat is her zodiac animal.

People born from 23rd August to September 22, bears the Virgo Zodiac sign. They’re believed to be humble, wise, competent, social, and captivating. They possess a critical, excessive claim to be perfect in attitude and attention to detail.

Candy Godiva’s social media profiles

Instagram: Visit Instagram of Candy Godiva

YouTube: Visit Candy Godiva’s Youtube channel 

Twitter: visit candy’s Tweeter

Candy Godiva’s Relationship Status

Candy Godiva is single. Just like every celebrity, she tries to keep her relationships away from the blogosphere.

Candy Godiva’s later had a fall out with Nikocado Avocado, her friend, whom she featured on one of her YouTube videos. Candy’s friendship with Nikocado happens to be most open to the media. No other friend has been closely associated with Candy Godiva since that time.

Past records of her love life showed she had been hooked up at least once.

Candy Godiva’s personal and career life is unique because she successfully kept herself off controversies and ridiculous trends most celebs often experience.

Candy Godiva’s body and other characteristics

Candy Godiva has a chubby body, bulgy tummy, fat legs, and arms. All of these characterize her body shape, and she is a sight to behold. Her smile looks as she eats on camera is a charm of affection that attracts and retains her admirers. Candy Godiva has eaten all kinds of fast foods, to takeout and junk everywhere in the world.

That’s not all. She’s now so big that her size makes her unfit in fitted clothing. She wears loose clothing and nightdresses, and at times feels very comfortable unclad.

Here below is the breakdown of Candy Godiva’s body sizes:

Size of Breast Bust: 50 inches (127 cm
Size of Waist 61 inches (155cm)
Size of Hip 49 inches (127cm)
Size of Bra 54 D (US) / 125 D (EU)

Candy Godiva’s Best TV Show

Candy Godiva’s best TV show was one created by Robert Levine and Jonathan E. Steinberg for Starz. The series, Black Sails, was set on New Providence Island.

Candy Godiva’s Birthstone

Candy Godiva has Sapphire as her birthstone. It is believed that the stone kills deadly snakes and neutralizes the poisonous effect. Her birth flower is Aster/Myosotis. It depicts love, endurance, and elegance.

Common FAQs:

How to meet with Candy Godiva

Candy Godiva can best be reached via her social media links.

Where does she live?

Candy Godiva currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How many relationships did Candy Godiva have?

Candy Godiva had had at least one marital relationship.

How many children does Candy Godiva have?

None. Because she does not get married yet

What is the name of Candy Godiva’s Pet?

Candy Godiva has a pet cat named Sillhuete.

What is Candy Godiva’s age?

Candy Godiva is 47 years old.

What is Candy Godiva’s height and weight?

Candy Godiva weighs 204 kilograms (450Ib). She’s 154 cm tall (5ft 1 inch).

What is Candy Godiva’s Education?

Candy Godiva’s formal educational background is yet unknown.

What about Candy Godiva’s family?

Candy Godiva’s grandparents were raised here in South Louisiana. The personalities of her father, mother and siblings are unavailable.

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