How To Connect To Narita Airport Pocket Wifi?

To connect to Narita Airport Pocket Wifi, simply open your device’s WiFi settings and select the “NARITA-AIRPORT-POCKET-WiFi” SSID from the list of available networks. Once connected, you will be able to browse the internet and use any online applications as usual.

  • Purchase a pocket wifi device from Narita Airport or another provider
  • Turn on the device and connect to the pocket wifi network
  • Enter the password for the pocket wifi network
  • Enjoy your fast, reliable internet connection!

How to Use Pocket Wifi in Japan – The Complete Guide to Ninja WiFi

How Do I Connect to Narita Airport Wifi?

Assuming you would like advice on how to connect to the WiFi at Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan: First, look for signs that say “Free WiFi” or “Narita Free WiFi”. These are usually located near the airport’s information counters.

If you can’t find any sign, ask one of the airport staff for help. Next, open your device’s Wi-Fi settings and look for a network with the name “Narita Free WiFi”. Once you’ve found it, select it and enter the password when prompted.

The password should be available from the same location where you found the network’s name. And that’s it! You should now be connected to Narita Airport’s free Wi-Fi.

Can You Get Pocket Wifi at Japan Airport?

Yes, you can get pocket WiFi at Japan airport. There are a few ways to do this: 1. Rent a pocket WiFi device from a company such as Ninja WiFi or Genki Mobile.

This is probably the easiest way, as you can pick up the device from the airport and return it when you leave Japan. 2. Get a SIM card for your phone from a company such as So-net or b-mobile. This will give you data access on your phone, which you can then use to create a hotspot for other devices to connect to.

3. Use the free WiFi available at some airports in Japan. This is usually limited to 30 minutes per day though, so it might not be ideal if you need constant connectivity.

How to Use Pocket Wifi in Japan?

If you’re planning a trip to Japan, you may be wondering how to stay connected. Japan is a high-tech country, but surprisingly, it can be difficult to find WiFi. That’s where pocket WiFi comes in!

Pocket WiFi is a small, portable device that gives you access to the internet while you’re on the go. Here’s everything you need to know about using pocket WiFi in Japan. First things first: make sure your device is unlocked and compatible with Japanese SIM cards.

Once you’ve got that sorted, head to a convenience store or mobile carrier shop and purchase a data-only SIM card. These are typically much cheaper than getting a data plan from your home country. Once you have your SIM card, insert it into your pocket WiFi device and turn it on.

Follow the instructions that come with your device to connect to the internet. In most cases, you’ll need to select “Japan” as your location and enter your APN settings (these will be provided by your mobile carrier). And that’s it!

With pocket WiFi, you can stay connected anywhere in Japan – no more searching for public WiFI hotspots or relying on spotty cellular data connections.

How Much are Pocket Wifi in Narita Airport?

If you’re looking to stay connected during your trip to Japan, pocket WiFi is a great option. You can rent pocket WiFi devices at Narita Airport from a variety of companies. Prices start at around 1000 yen per day, but vary depending on the company and the length of rental.

One popular option for renting pocket WiFi at Narita Airport is Ninja Wifi. Ninja Wifi offers rentals starting at 1000 yen per day for 1-3 days, or 900 yen per day for 4-7 days. They also have a ‘light plan’ which is 500 yen cheaper per day.

Data usage is unlimited on all plans. Another option for renting pocket WiFi at Narita Airport is Genki Mobile. Genki Mobile offers rentals starting at 950 yen per day for 1-2 days, 850 yen per day for 3-5 days, or 750 yen per day for 6+ days.

Data usage is capped at 3GB per day on all plans except their unlimited data plan, which costs an extra 500 yen per day. So how much does it cost to rent pocket WiFi at Narita Airport? It depends on the company and the length of rental, but prices start around 1000 yen per day.

How To Connect To Narita Airport Pocket Wifi?


Narita Airport Wifi

Narita International Airport, also known as Tokyo Narita Airport, is the primary international airport serving the Greater Tokyo Area of Japan. It is located 60 kilometres (37 mi) east of central Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture, and handles the majority of international passenger traffic to and from Japan.


If you’re traveling to Japan, one of the most important things you can do is connect to a pocket wifi device. This will allow you to stay connected to the internet while you’re on the go. Here’s how to connect to Narita Airport pocket wifi:

1. Turn on your device and make sure it’s in range of the airport’s wireless network. 2. Select “Narita” from the list of available networks. 3. Enter the password for the airport’s wireless network.

4. Once connected, open your web browser and navigate to the Narita Airport website. 5. Find the section labeled “Pocket Wifi.” 6. Click on “Connect.”

Follow the instructions on screen to complete the process.

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