Josh Peck weight loss: The Success Secret Strategy, Before & After (with Images)

Ever seen the “Drake and Josh” TV series before? Even if you haven’t, you should have heard of it being one of nickelodeon’s top sitcoms. If you have seen or heard it, you should be able to contemplate Josh being obese.

The role of Josh was played by Josh Peck, who portrayed a character similar to the typical obese American teenager. Josh Peck is known to the stardom for his trademark obesity. His entire fame was due to his obesity. However, in a single year, he lost that obesity.

The weight loss profile

Original weight in pound315
Current weight in pound180
Current weight in kg82
Height in feet in feet6
BMI in m/kg^224.4
Total weight lost in pound135
Total weight lost in kg61.2
Three sizes in inches43/33/16
Show size12 (US)

Weight loss Journey

  So why did Josh Peck decide to start losing weight? Initially, Josh did not care much about the fact that that he was obese. But then he realized that since he was representing every obese American teenager, he had to influence the lifestyle of children who were like him.

  After much contemplating, Josh decided to try and lose weight. Instead of going for unhealthy dieting plans or surgeries, Josh opted for physical changes through workouts and such. Josh Peck hired nutritionists and physical trainers for expert help.

  The nutritionist’s guide was to eat only wholesome food instead of all the oily, greasy and carbohydrate foods. The green tea and health care drinks helped him do wonders while his trainer managed his exercise and daily activities.

How did Josh Peck lose his weight?

  Before the weight loss planning, Josh Peck’s diet consisted mostly of fried food, sugar, carbohydrates and soft drink intakes. When he changed the type of food he was eating, he went for fresh fruit sap and healthy fruits to his diet. His new wholesome diet helped him lose obesity at a faster rate while improving his metabolism.

  When Josh was a toddler, he rarely exercised. He was completely unaccustomed to running and playing with his friends since he was always busy with his career. His physical trainer employed a combination of exercises from normal walks, running, cardio workouts and other fat oxidation exercises. Initially, they started at a lower tone until Josh’s body got used to it. Then the intensity was increased.

Josh Peck strategy for weight losing

   Josh Peck’s formula for losing weight was very simple. He did not go for any surgeries or consume weight losing medicines. Josh had a very simple strategy for changing his entire life with the help of his physical trainer and nutritionist.

  He made a complete revolution with his nutrient intakes. Instead of all the unhealthy food, he snacked before; he replaced it with high protein, low-fat meals. He even went on a very effective exercising regime.

Healthy diet

  The first thing Josh did to change him for the better was to dispose of his former diet. He was known to snack on too much on fried food, cookies, pizza, chocolates, and many carbonated drinks. That was also what gave him the famous trademark obesity.

Josh substituted his entire diet with the same amount of calories but a much healthier and wholesome natural food selection ranging from vegetable sap to fruits with rich fibre bases and fish for protein and micronutrients.

  He struggled first to resist the temptation of his old diet, but eventually, he started enjoying the new diet.

Personal Trainer

  For Josh Peck weight loss journey to succeed, he needed professional help. The responsibility was given to professional physical fitness trainer and nutritionist Bob Harper. To Bob Harper, changing an obese child of about 315 lb to a more normal weight is not much of a challenge.

  He made deductions and formed a workout routine based on his intuition, proven by scientific research, to work well for Josh Peck. Bob Harper later admitted that only because Josh was resolved and had very strong willpower that all these planning and routine were fruitful.

A Healthy Lifestyle 

  Losing weight is not easy. On the other hand, gaining weight is easy. Josh Peck has already thinned down after losing more than 100 lbs, yet he is still carrying out the same diet and routine he followed when he first started. This was to ensure that he does not go back to his obese days.

  Nowadays, he sleeps well on time, eats only healthy food, and drinks plenty of water while keeping away from alcoholic drinks and coffee. Anyone who wants to follow the Josh Peck weight loss needs to change their lifestyle before changing their diet.

Strict to the process

Josh Peck, at times, had it tough of giving up. He had always been snacking too much and never exercised before starting the new regime. But he persisted because he was strict on himself.

He once noted that he was following the regime strictly so that he could become happy by leading a healthier life.

Stay motivated

Josh Peck had a weight that would take a long time to lose. So why was Josh making this huge Journey? What was the driving force behind his transformation? The answer to this question is still quite vague.

While Josh says that he wanted to be healthier so that he could be happier, he has also said that he wanted to set himself as an example for the countless obese kids in America. These children would be motivated from watching his transformation on TV and start losing weight themselves.

Josh Peck weight loss surgery

  When a person loses weight intensively, thick sloppy skin is left hanging. Similar to Josh Peck started slimming himself, it was reported that there were signs of sloppy skin. However, they soon disappeared. What could be the behind this mysterious disappearance?

  While it has yet to be proven, it has been speculated that Josh peck weight loss journey might not have finished with a skin removal surgery. While Josh has ignored the comments regarding it, surgery is a highly possible case.

Josh Peck before and after the weight loss

  Before Josh Peck started working for his betterment, he was a chubby kid with the trademark elongated stomach. He weighed about 315 lb. Hollywood even dubbed him as “The chubby child star”.  

   But the entire game changed after his new diet transformed him. He managed to lose the extra fat, got abs and a tall, lean body. He also started endorsing healthy eating habits that are used to motivate other chubby American teens in the same position that he was previously.

How much does Josh Peck weigh?

Josh Peck is no more the 315 lb weighing chubby teen. Right now, he weighs only about 180 lbs. With a height of approximately 6 feet, Josh’s Body Max Index (BMI) is 24.4. This means that he is within the range of having a healthy body state.

This new transformation could only be credited because he persisted until the end and made sure to follow the same lifestyle even after the transformation.

Interesting Facts about Peck’s Weight Loss

  1. It took only 1.5 years for Josh Peck to reach new heights in his weight.
  2. He was prescribed a supplement called Phen375.
  3. He was an asthma patient for many years. Josh noted that losing weight helped him soothe his asthma tremendously.
  4. It is unconfirmed whether he had plastic surgery or not.


How did Josh Peck lose weight?

The main credit goes to his trainer and nutritionist, Bob Harper, who helped create the new weight loss routine, lifestyle, and diet plan. Of course, Josh’s persistence played an important role.

Why did Josh start losing weight?

Josh wanted to inspire other obese American teens that if they tried, they too could transform from their current chubby self to a more masculine future self.

When did Josh first start the weight loss program?

Josh started this Journey of losing weight by going on a diet in 2006. 

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