Who is Alex Jones’s ex-wife Kelly Rebecca Nichols?

Quick Facts About Kelly Rebecca Nichols

  • Kelly Rebecca Nichols is an ex-wife of a very famous radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Their divorce got tremendous media attention.
  • She is an animal rights activist and by association with “PETA”, she has contributed a lot throughout the years.
  • She works as a head of public relations and media operations of the PETA.
  • She was born in a Jewish family in Texas, USA on 2 July in 1968. Her family includes – mother Sandra Kay Heiligman, father – Edmund Lowe Nichols, and two siblings – James Edmund Nichols And Jill Elizabeth Nichols.

Who Is Kelly Rebecca Nichols

Kelly Rebecca Nichols is an animal rights activist and she has worked in this field for a long time. She is head of public relations and media operations of PETA – a nonprofit organization that contains around 400 staff members and more than 5 million supporters worldwide.

However, what really made her popular was the marriage with Alex Jones. Alex is a famous conspiracy theorist and radio host. The media attention grew bigger as they divorced and started a legal battle for the kids.

Early Life and Career

As I have mentioned Kelly Rebecca Nichols was born in 1968 in Texas, USA. Her family is Jewish and she grew up along with her siblings Jill Elizabeth Nichols and James Edmund Nichols in Travis County. She moved to Virginia as she completed her education.

She became an animal rights activist and started working as the head of public relations and media operations of “PETA”. She has done tremendous activities in order to show society the importance of animal rights. Due to it, she was featured in some American publications and her fame was growing gradually.

Relationship With Alex Jones

Kelly Rebecca Nichols and Alex Jones married in 2007. After the marriage, she changed her name to Violet Jones. At first, their relationship was strong and Kelly was helping her husband to promote his shows and go further in his career.

They had three children together – a son and two daughters. After 6 years of being married, Kelly decided to fill a divorce suit. She claimed that Alex was cheating and his behaviour was dangerous sometimes.

Her Marriage And Divorce From Alex Jones

As I have noted above, the marriage between Kelly Rebecca Nichols and Alex Jones lasted for 6 years. Kelly was the one who demanded the divorce in 2013 because she believed that Alex had an affair with his co-worker.

Additionally, Kelly was saying that Alex has changed dramatically after the marriage and he was no longer a stable person. She was often frightened by his behaviour and this was another reason to part ways. The divorce was finished in 2 years and the battle of custody followed afterwards.

Custody Battles

The decision should have been made regarding their children after the divorce. Therefore, the battle of custody began when their divorce was finalized.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols started to fight for custody and she claimed that Alex was an unstable person whose terrible behaviour would have been harmful to children. She gave several examples of Alex being irrational and as a result, she won the battle.

She was given a choice to decide where their children would live and the court granted Alex visitation rights.

Family & Personal Life

Kelly Rebecca Nichols was born in a Jewish family in Texas, USA, and grew up with her siblings. Her father Edmund Lowe Nichols was an elevated level representative for the USA government.

She has three children from Alex – one son and two daughters. Her son’s name is Rex Jones who works for Alex’s company “Infowars” and he has made several appearances on TV.

Nowadays, Kelly Rebecca Nichols lives in the USA and she still works with “PETA”.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols Net worth

The net worth of Kelly Rebecca Nichols is unclear. She has never talked about her financial situation with the media. However, some sources claim that her net worth is over 1 million dollars.

She has earned this money by working with “PETA” and according to media after the divorce from Alex, she has received 3.1 million dollars and a mansion in Austin.

Achievement of Kelly

Kelly Rebecca Nichols has achieved significant success during her career. She works as the head of public relations and media operations of “PETA”. This nonprofit organization has a lot of supporters globally and its contribution to animal rights is tremendous.

Kelly has utilized several publicity stunts where she demonstrated the importance of protecting animals. Her innovative methods caught a lot of attention and after being invited to several American publications, her popularity grew extremely bigger.

About Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a pretty popular radio host and a conspiracy theorist in the USA. He was born in Dallas, Texas in 1974. His mother was a homemaker and the father worked as a dentist.

He hosts his own show called “The Alex Jones Show” which is syndicated on more than 100 radio stations across the country. This means, his show is very popular and his audience is growing drastically every day.

His also known as a conspiracy theorist. He has talked about several conspiracy theories in his show and he even owns several websites to sell different products.

Personal Details of Kelly Rebecca Nichols

Name Kelly Rebecca Nichols
Colour white
Gender female
Date of Birth 02 July 1968
Net Worth1 million dollars
Height unknown
Father’s NameEdmund Lowe Nichols
Mother’s NameSandra Kay Heiligman
SiblingsJames Edmund Nichols and Jill Elizabeth Nichols
Twitter official Twitter of Kelly

Frequently Ask Questions

Is Kelly married?

Kelly Rebecca Nichols was married to Alex Jones for 6 years. She filed a divorce suit in 2013 and now she lives with her children.

Why people are interested in Kelly?

Kelly Rebecca Nichols gained a lot of media attention after her marriage and divorce with the famous Alex Jones. Also, she is an animal rights activist and she has performed several publicity stunts.

What are the core activities of Kelly with PETA?

Kelly Rebecca Nichols has performed several activities regarding animal rights protection. Once she put a dead racoon on Anna Wintour’s plate during the dinner. Another one was when she smashed a tofu cream pie into Oscar de la Renta’s face.

Are Violet Nichols and Kelly Rebecca Nichols the same person?

Yes, after the marriage Kelly Rebecca Nichols changed her name to Violet Nichols.

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