Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski: Bio, Life, Relationship, and Net worth

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski, a famous businessman, was born on August 22, 1950. Though he is now well known for his landscaping in England and New York. He was raised in his hometown of New York City. Do you want to know more about this celebrity with talent? Keep on reading.

Today, we will share everything about this outstanding talented person, who is like a mentor in the business industry. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Leopold Stanislaus stokowski at a Glance

Full Name Leopold Stanislaus stokowski
Date of Birth22 Agust, 1950
Net worth1 million
Height 172 cm
Weight 68 kg 
hair colourBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Relationship StatusMarried
WifeEmily Goldstein
ChildrenAurora Stokowski and Abra Stokowski
Father Leopold Anthony Stokowski
MotherGloria Vanderbilt
BrotherChristopher Vanderbilt Cooper
half-siblingsAnderson Cooper and Carter Vanderbilt Cooper 
half-brother Carter suicide 1988

Leopold Stanislaus stokowski- who is he?

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski is renowned for his business. Leopold is his nickname. He was a successful entrepreneur and he worked for a lot of companies. He is also known for his landscaping vividly in New York and England. Moreover, he is well-known, because he belongs to a reputed family.

His mother is Gloria Vanderbilt, who is an actress, fashion icon and she was one of the leads in the fashion industry during her days. His father is Leopold Anthony Stokowski, who is also a prominent figure. His father gained a public reputation through the best contemporary conductors in his days.

He has three step-sisters from his father’s marriage. His mother was also married beforehand, and therefore he has two step-brothers from her mother’s side.

The physical appearance of Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski is a tall and handsome man. He has short dark-brown hair and green eyes. He is 5ft 8 inches tall with 150lbs weight. He is very handsome and his biceps size is 12, so you can understand he maintains a healthy body as well! His appearances relate to her beauty queen mother mostly.

Personal life of Leopold stanislaus stokowski

His wife’s name is Emily Goldstein. They dated for years and now they are a happy family with two daughters named Abra and Aurora Stokowski. Currently, he stays with his wife in New york city. His daughter Aurora is married to a notable businessman. Leopold loves to spend his time reading books, swimming and travelling. No doubt where he gets his intelligence and that athlete body from. He loves Italian cuisine the most.

What is the net worth of Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski?

At a young age, he ran a lot of companies and businesses. Even today, at 68 years old age, he still has his shares of different companies and businesses. So he is undoubtedly a wealthy person with a net worth of 8 figure amount. His exact net worth has not been disclosed yet, but it is huge, as people say.

Not only his wealth, but he has also received his family heritage from his mother and father. That makes him richer and increases his net worth as well. His net worth is assumed to be over $1 million, only from the money he has earned from his businesses.


What is Leopold Stanislaus stokowski’s religion?

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski comes from Caucasian ethnicity. About his religion, he and his family follow Christianity.

Does Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski have any social accounts?

Yes, he uses Facebook and a verified Twitter account.

Why is Leopold stanislaus stokowski popular?

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski is very popular because of his business success and entrepreneurship. Moreover, his investments in landscaping make him popular as well.

Does Leopold stanislaus stokowski have any ex wife?

No. He dated Emily Goldstein for years and then they got married. Now they are a happy family with her two daughters and their husbands. Though he doesn’t have any grandchild yet.

Does he have any stepfather?

Yes. Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski has two stepfathers and one stepmother. He also has stepbrothers and sisters from both of his parents’ sides.

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