Mary Lee Harvey: Bio, Facts, Family, lifestyle, Net Worth of Steve Harvey’s ex-wife

Interesting Facts About Mary Lee Harvey

There are several interesting facts about Mary Lee Harvey and I want to highlight some of them.

  • Mary Lee Hervey was arrested for a year because she posted some videos of herself talking about the divorce details. She was warned by the court not to reveal anything and after breaking this promise she was jailed.
  • She sued her ex-husband in 2016. The reason behind this was “murdering her soul” as she described. She wanted to get 60 million dollars but unsurprisingly lost the lawsuit.

In this article, I’m going to talk about Mary Lee Harvey who is an ex-wife of Steve Harvey and the mother of one of his sons. Their marriage lasted for 17 years and ended in a very controversial way which got a lot of media attention.

She holds a very important position in Steve’s life, therefore people are extremely interested in every aspect of her life and I would like to provide some major facts about her.

Who is Mary Lee Harvey?

As we have mentioned, Mary Lee Harvey is the ex-wife of the famous comedian and TV host Steve Harvey. She is also known as Mary Shackleford. Their marriage started in 1989 and after eight years she gave birth to his son.

Mary Lee Harvey is a make-up artist, but what really made her famous was the divorce with Steve in 2005 and as a result, she occasionally gets media attention.

Marry Lee Harvey Facts

Name Mary Lee Harvey
also known Mary Shackleford
Born20 October 1960
HusbandSteve Harvey
Profession make-up artist
CountryUnited States
FatherWill update
Mother Will update
Siblingsnot known
ChildrenWynton Harvey
Marital StatusDivorced
Marriage Date1996
Net worth$500000
Divorced in2005
Divorce reasonextramarital relationship with Marjorie Bridge

Mary Lee Harvey Age, Early Life, Family, and Education Background

Mary Lee Harvey was born in Texas, USA, in 1960, which makes her 59 years old. We don’t know much about her family as she has never talked about them, but we do know that she relates to African-American ethnicity.

She has never revealed anything about her early life and education. She only got popular after marrying Steve, therefore there is almost no data about her life before that. The media does not know anything about her parents and siblings.

Mary Lee Harvey Professional Career

There is not much information known regarding her professional career either. However, we know that she has worked as a make-up artist before she got married to Steve. She has not mentioned if she resumed this job after the divorce.

Considering the usual salary of a cosmetic craftsman in the USA, it has to be noted that she had a pretty good job and she was earning a decent amount of money.

Mary Lee Harvey Personal Life (Marriage, Ex-Husband, and Children)

Mary Lee Harvey and Steve Harvey first met in 1989 and after developing feelings for each other they decided to get married. This was a shock to the media and fans of Steve Harvey. Their marriage lasted for 17 years which is extremely long if you look at other Hollywood couples.

They have one son who was born in July 1997. His name is Wynton and he is 22 years old now.

Their marriage ended in 2005 as Mary Lee Harvey accused her husband of cheating. This whole divorce caught tremendous media attention.

Mary Lee Harvey Net Worth

According to several sources, the net worth of Mary Lee Harvey is 500 000 dollars. She has earned this much money thanks to several factors. First of all, as we have mentioned, she was a make-up artist with a very decent salary.

Secondly, being the wife of Steve Harvey who has an estimated net worth of 140 million dollars has helped her drastically increase her income.

It’s not known if she has continued working in her old profession. If she is still a make-up artist, this means that her wealth will increase gradually.

About Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is an extremely popular figure in American society. At first, he was a successful comedian hosting different kinds of shows until he launched his own show called “The Steve Harvey Show”.

He is an actor, producer, author, businessman, entertainer, and TV host who has done many projects and as a result, he has achieved a lot of awards. He was married 3 times and has 4 children. His net worth also speaks about his success throughout these years.

The Story Behind Steve And Mary’s Relationship

Steve was working on a comedy show in Texas in 1989 when he first met Mary Lee Harvey. As they have noted many times, it was love at first sight and they immediately started dating.

The relationship was so strong that even within 1 year of meeting they decided to get married and take it to the next level. They remained together for 17 years and have one son. Unfortunately, Mary accused Steve of cheating and their divorce happened in 2005 which caught tremendous media attention.

Mary Lee Harvey Social Media Profile

Mary Lee Harvey is not quite active on social media. As far as we know she does not have an Instagram account. As for Twitter, she hardly has any followers and her last tweets are published in 2011. She has not been active since then.

You can find her Twitter account here –

Her age might be the reason why she lacks social media profiles.


why Mary Lee Harvey is so popular?

Mary Lee Harvey became popular after marrying one of the most famous comedians and TV hosts Steve Harvey. Their marriage lasted for 17 years and they have one son together.

where is Mary Lee Harvey today?

She has been quiet recently but according to some sources she remarried and her surname now is Vaughn. Besides that, there is nothing known about her life after divorcing Steve.

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