The Astounding Melissa Peterman Weight Loss Case

There shouldn’t be any Americans who haven’t watched sitcoms like “Reba” and “Baby Daddy” in their lifetime. And there shouldn’t be anyone either if they don’t know about Melissa Peterman and her roles in these sitcoms.

Melissa Peterman is an incredibly talented American comedian and actress. But that is not exactly why she keeps making newspaper headlines. After she experienced her first childbirth, Melissa wasn’t exactly fit. She got fat, and her limbs fluffed up like a balloon.

So how exactly did she cope with this post-birth fat? How did she get fit again? If you want to know the reason and get inspired by it, then keep reading.

Melissa Peterman weight profile

Height in Feet6’
Height in CM182.88
Current Weight in Pounds148
Weight in Kilograms67
Total Weight lost in pounds60

Why did Melissa Peterman gain weight?

  She wasn’t even fat when she was acting for her roles as “Barbra” in “Reba”. She had the perfect hourglass figure whose appearance never fluctuated. Because she was slightly tall for a woman at 6 feet, people often thought she was a “football player”. But by no means was she fat.

  That was true until she gave birth to her first child, Riley David Brady. She had started stressing eating during pregnancy which made her gain post-birth weight.    

How did Melissa Peterman lose weight?

  The Melissa Peterman weight loss journey wasn’t easy at all. This is particularly because she was still in her post-birth state when she wasn’t supposed to do much body labour. Melissa, however, shocked the world when she returned to a red carpet event in 2007 as thinner and curvier as before.  

  Apparently, the first thing she did after getting up from her post-childbirth fatigues was to hire a personal trainer. The trainer changed her lifestyle completely from workout routines to a good keto diet with high fibre, high protein, low carbohydrate, low fat, and low sugarThe only things she was allowed to consume were fresh vegetables and fruits. Occasionally she could feast on turkey meat.

The Melissa Peterman weight loss journey

  Melissa had actually never been that concerned with having a thin and curvy figure. The only reason she started the process to lose weight was to become fit and healthy. Unlike the usual way most celebrities lose weight by cutting away most of their diet, Melissa instead turned to change her entire diet.

  She took a more traditional diet and exercise combination to solve her weight problem. In an interview, she revealed that she would only eat only organic egg whites together with fresh spinaches that she would pick from her side garden.

  If she felt the need to snack, she would nibble on her apple, especially when talking fresh smoothies on the way to her son’s preschool. There were some times she couldn’t resist and cheated on her diet. On special occasions, she would dip cinnamon on cottage cheese and eat it along with an apple.

What was Melissa Peterman’s diet plan?

  Melissa had a simple diet that she followed every day without fail. However, it was definitely a very balanced diet.

  • For breakfast, she had egg white and spinach along with a freshly squeezed fruit smoothie.
  • Her lunch consisted of homemade lentil soup with tomatoes.
  • If she felt like snacking, she would eat apples. In fact, she always kept apples at bay from her.
  • During dinner time, she would choose to have vegan dishes with high protein and fibre in them.

Fitness Routine

  Melissa’s trainer also employed a fitness routine that was proven by scientific research to work on her. This was particularly needed since her weight was the result of post-birth issues.

  Although Melissa never revealed her fitness regime, it is widely speculated that she might have been practising cardio. In addition, she was also involved with HIIT exercising programs. Furthermore, she would also take strength training sessions once or twice a week.

  It has to be added that bystanders would often find her jogging or cycling in the park in the morning.

Weight loss surgery

  Melissa never had any sort of surgery. Many people spread rumours over the Internet regarding this topic since Melissa made very intensive progress in losing weight. However, these are only baseless rumours.

She did not take any sort of surgeries that would help remove the extra fat in her body. In fact, she did not have the need for surgeries in the first place. What she had was post-birth weight gain.

It is very easy to lose this weight since it is not even permanent in the first place. This could be seen by the fact that Melissa lost her new weight in only one single year.

Before and after the transformation

  Before the Melissa Peterman weight loss journey, Melissa had chubby limbs and an elongated stomach that looked like she had been feasting for years. At her peak, she weighed 147.7 pounds.

  After she had started to control her diet and lead a better lifestyle which she had before the birth, Melissa gradually lost about 60 pounds. Now she appears to be thin and lean, with protruding curves. Currently, she weighs only around 87.7 pounds.

Tips from Melissa Peterman

  Melissa Peterman, who has successfully made her come-back only a year after gaining weight, can no longer be called fat. To those who are inspired by her weight loss journey, Melissa has a few advice:

  • Eat fibre-rich healthy food to burn the fat.
  • Sleep for at least eight hours a day.
  • Replace unhealthy or junk food with healthy food. You could also choose to make junk food home using healthy ingredients.
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated so that you can easily flush out the toxins.
  • Exercise daily with dedication and discipline.
  • Don’t try short cut or quick methods. They will only affect your body negatively.


How did Melissa Peterman lose weight permanently?

Melissa lost her weight by completely changing her diet. She hired a personal trainer for regular exercise routines, changed to a vegan diet, and led a good lifestyle.

What is Melissa Peterman’s weight loss secret?

Melissa’s weight loss secret lies in 3 points mainly:
Strict diet
Healthy Lifestyle
A lot of dedication and conviction

How much weight did Melissa lose?

Melissa lost a total of 60 pounds or 27 kg over a span of a single year by following a proper diet and workout plan.

Which are the most popular weight loss tips from Melissa Peterman?

Her advice is to stay hydrated, eat healthy food and rest well. She suggests that everyone should sleep for at least 8 hours.  

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